Math 30-1 Edge

Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook
Designed for seamless use in Alberta classrooms

The Math 30-1 EDGE is a highly effective and easy-to-use classroom resource, containing all of the learning activities, relevant examples, and student homework needed for success. Designed as a consumable classroom resource, its sturdy design and thicker (no newsprint-style) pages would also allow for repeated classroom use.

  • Course topics are laid out in guided lesson format, each introduced with an exploratory activity to facilitate immediate student engagement.
  • Concepts are summarized with clear notes, worked examples, and useful calculator / technology tips sections.
  • Highly relevant class examples are provided with space for students to provide their work and add any teacher notes.
  • Homework practice questions are closely curriculum-aligned and feature many which are in unit test / diploma exam format.

Teachers/Administrators: email or call Toll Free: 1-888-665-8803 to place orders or request more information on using the EDGE in your school or classroom.

Math 30-1 EDGE

Consumable Study Guide & Workbook - Special Introductory School Pricing until August 31, 2021

Complete Workbook (540 pages)

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5 to 14 $39
15 to 29 $34
30 to 59 $31
60 to 199 $28
200 to 299 $26
300+ $25

Practice Questions Only Workbook (315 pages)

Quantity Unit Price
5 to 14 $34
15 to 29 $28
30 to 59 $25
60 to 199 $22
200 to 299 $20
300+ $19

Prices include shipping - please contact us for pricing on perusal copies or quantities lower than 5.

Complete workbook includes online access (for teachers and students) to class example solutions. Detailed practice question solutions are included. Peruse samples of each workbook version below.

Accompanying Classroom Presentations / Complete e-Learning - contact us for pricing

Please contact us for general information, or to order the edge workbook for your school or class.

Peruse Samples of the EDGE workbook

The EDGE study guide and workbook was collaboratively designed by the mathematics team at RTD Learning, all experienced Alberta classroom teachers. Select samples can be viewed below:

Click here to view the entire Workbook content.

Accompanying Classroom Presentation Resources

Classroom presentation resources that match the workbook content and include engaging visual animations. You can peruse samples of these below. Samples are currently in 4:3 aspect ratio, 16:9 ratio are available as well.

Complete e-Learning Solutions

We have in-development resources for districts or schools looking for a complete Math 30-1 e-course, complete with video instruction, engaging e-learning, and interactive assessment options. Please contact us for more information. All e-learning and classroom presentation resources will be ready for September 2021.


The Complete Edge Workbook

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