Math 30-1 Edge


The Math 30-1 EDGE Complete is a full-semester learning support program designed by the Math team at Rock the Diploma, Alberta's largest and most effective exam prep. Whether you are taking Math 30-1 in a traditional classroom, as an at-home student, or are upgrading or challenging the diploma exam - the EDGE Complete will help ensure your best possible mark!

With the Math 30-1 EDGE Complete, you'll receive:

Math 30-1 EDGE Study Guide Workbook

Fully compatible with your current classroom resources, and comprehensive as a stand-alone resource for at-home students, the Math 30-1 EDGE is the ultimate study guide.

Written by the proven math team at RTD Learning, the EDGE is laser-focused on the curriculum and diploma exam, and is chalk-full of easy-to-follow learning activities, summary notes, and most importantly - tons of relevant practice questions.

Click to see inside the EDGE Study Guide (more samples below)

Access to the Math 30-1 EDGE ONLINE

Access on-demand e-learning videos where our instructors walk you through the EDGE Study Guide content, as well as interactive learning activities and responsive (different questions each time) practice exams.

Use as a supplement to your class notes and textbook to study for unit tests.

Use as a stand-alone resource to fully guide you through the course

Sample - 1.2 Transformations

Guest Access to the EDGE Online Learning Portal

Access to Live, Scheduled Online Classes

Throughout semester 1 (September to December, 2021), we will run regular scheduled live online classes four EDGE Complete students to drop in and attend as they need.
Topics for these Q&A sessions will vary by student input, as will the dates and times.

The total number of classes will depend on enrollment and interest - we will modify classes based on student needs.

First class: Wednesday, September 15th 7-9pm

Full schedule TBD

$149 Includes everything listed above!
Price becomes $169 after October 1st

One price - includes postage for the EDGE Study Guide to be mailed directly to you.

Serious Value! We carefully choose our price point to be accessible to all students who want to excel in this challenging course. The Math 30-1 EDGE Complete provides students and parents with an affordable, and far more comprehensive, alternative to tutoring.


More Samples of
the Exceptional EDGE Resources

This along with tons of other learning content can be found at the included EDGE Online.

Meet the Team

Kyle Brown
Wolf Creek Public Schools
Edge Online interactions and practice exams

Dean Walls
Edmonton Public School Board

Marc Lambert
RTD director - formerly Calgary Catholic
Lead Workbook Design

Additional Study Guide Workbook Consultants:

Barb Gajdos - Calgary Catholic School Board
Lina Grager - West Island College
Daniel Shi - University of Calgary
David McDiarmid - Accelerated Tutoring
Wendy Wong - Elk Island Public Schools