Math 30-1 Edge

Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook
Designed for Alberta Math 30-1 students

Fully compatible with your current classroom resources, the EDGE Study Guide and workbook, with accompanying online resources, provides a potent and affordable alternative to tutoring. Prepare for exams, boost understanding, and build confidence while working on homework.

The EDGE is the collaborative effort of the mathematics team at RTD Learning, Alberta's largest and most effective diploma exam prep company since 2008. Meticulously designed around curriculum learning outcomes, each of the 500+ pages was designed for students to build deep understanding, while actively engaging in easy to follow learning activities.

Perhaps most importantly is the quality and relevance of the 1000+ practice questions, which progress from skill-builders similar to the worked-out and class examples, through to higher level conceptual problems modeled just like those you'll encounter on the diploma exam. If you have ever felt your test results don't match your effort - the EDGE provides exactly the type of practice you need to take your studies to the next level.

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Option 1 - eBook plus $69

  • Access eBook version of entire 500+ page Math 30-1 EDGE Study Guide and Workbook
  • Engage directly with the edge instructional team through email
  • Based on student interest and sign-ups - Q&A sessions will be offered throughout June and July 2021.
  • Access all available accompanying e-learning, videos, and interactive learning resources. Content is in development throughout summer 2021, with titles will be continuously added.

Option 2 - Print Book plus $99

  • Get everything described in option 1, plus receive a printed, bounded workbook sent to you by mail. (One price - postage is included)

    While the e-book option could be effective for some learners, the workbook is best access in print form so that students can complete graphs, highlight notes, and write solutions directly in the provided work space.


The EDGE offers students a pathway to best success in Math 30-1 - this is all of the notes, summaries, and most important guided practice you need.
Exceptional study guide *Library of accompanying videos / interactive e-learning * Instructor Support