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Get Ready for Math 30-1

Prepare For Next Year
Be ready for Math 30-1

We have prepared an online course to help students who will be taking Math 30-1 in the coming school year. Whether it has been a while since you took Math 20, or if like everyone your studies were affected by the school closures, we’ve got you covered!

One of our top Math teachers, Barb Gajdos, has put together a course that focuses on everything from Math 20-1 that most relates to Math 30-1. From Quadratics to Trigonometry, this course will get you brushed up on all you need for Math 30 and nothing you do not.

Course fee is $49 if you print of your own course materials, $69 and we will send you booklets by mail. You’ll receive comprehensive study materials plus on-demand access to online instructional videos. (approx. 22 hours length) Start right away – we’ll send you access information as soon as you register.

Click here for a sample of the Math 20-1 booklet that will be used in this course

Click here for a sample of the video instruction