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Return to In-Person Classes

Once we are cleared to do so safely - RTD will be back offering in-person classes in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Spruce Grove. Plans for our April and June learning support programs are underway. Click here to see our current online options

Why Choose RTD?

We've been supporting Alberta students since 2008. Let RTD Learning help you get the most out of your 30-level courses. Whether you attend high school in-person or online, whether you are preparing for in-class tests or diploma exams. Get top marks, gain confidence, and have a little bit of fun while learning with us!

We're Effective

We know the curriculum as well as anyone, and our learning materials have been collaboratively and professionally produced with concise summaries, engaging learning activities, and relevant practice questions. (All with print and video solutions) The teachers in our videos are among our very best, and know how to colourfully and succinctly present course concepts.

We're Flexible

We also know that all sorts of students come to us with all sorts of learning styles as well as school and life schedules. We are happy to customize our schedules (for the complete support program) and to add special live and interactive Q&A sessions (for students taking on-demand unit summaries - based on interest and enrollment)

We're Teachers and Parents

We know how challenging these times are for Alberta families, and have priced our services to be accessible to all. If you have interest in our offerings, but have difficulties with the fees, please contact us and we'll work to provide a solution.

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