University is expensive – gaining an edge to help get there shouldn’t be. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure students learn the core content skills and specific exam techniques to maximize their achievement – and at a fee to class size ratio unmatched by any other service.
RTD exam review courses start at $115 for 16-19 hours over three of four classes. Select courses (such as Math 30-1) will have an instructional aide to assist students individually.

RTD Learning instructors are experienced department heads, district curriculum leaders, Alberta Education exam consultants, and textbook authors. We recruit only the top, most highly-respected teachers to lead our reviews - and our team has delivered for Alberta students for five years. Along with subject expertise, expect a stimulating and engaging class experience - we know how to keep students on-task and learning what it takes to rock it on their diplomas.
Our specialized review course booklets are chalk-full of summary notes, exam tips, and question strategies.

Our post-diploma surveys indicate that students believe their review course with us helped them on their diploma exams. Students felt more confident, less surprised, and when compared with provincial averages were over 3 times as likely to raise their final mark after the diploma. We carefully monitor student feedback and plan our courses and instruction for maximum diploma results.

RTD courses utilize interactive, multi-media presentation methods. We are also the first in the province to offer a fully-interactive, real-time diploma prep online. These courses will run "live" and allow for student / teacher interaction via the web.

March 25, 2015 | Registrations are now available for June 2015!

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